The Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL looks a bit different than any other soundbar for TV that Yamaha has released and it works in a slightly different way. Yamaha has developed new technology where the sound is bouncing off the walls of your room in order to create surround sound effect and this technology has been first incorporated in the YSP models of Yamaha’s top soundbars, also called “sound projectors”. Usually the speakers of a regular soundbar for TV are placed in the center and the sides, but in the sound projectors they are all located together in the center and blast the sound in a way so it can bounce off the walls. The Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL is one of these kind and we will have a close look if all this works.


Yamaha YSP1400BL



Technical Specifications

  • Sound Bar Size: 39”

  • Output power: 76 W total power: 2 W x 8 beam drivers + 30 W x 2 subwoofers

  • Drivers: Subwoofers (Dual 3” cones) Front L / R (Dual 2-1/8" cones) Tweeters (Dual 3/4" balanced dome)

  • Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital®, DTS

  • Sound Enhancement Technology: Digital Sound Projector, Cinema DSP Movie, Music, Entertainment; UniVolume

  • Bluetooth

  • Total Power: 76 W

  • Installation: Tabletop and wall-mountable


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The Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL is a 39 inch long rectangular bar with sharp edges sitting on two round legs where the subwoofers are actually housed. The entire body is made out of sturdy glossy plastic and the front center, where the beam drivers are located is covered in metal grille. You will find the same metal grille covering the legs of the soundbar for TV as this is where the bass comes from.


As usual, at the front left side you can find a bunch of LED lights indicating the power on and input and on the front right side quick buttons for power, volume control and input are available.

The back of the soundbar for TV is where all the connectivity sockets are located, such as an RCA analog input and 3.5mm mini jack, as well as coaxial and digital inputs and an output or additional subwoofer to be plugged in.

What is very convenient about the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL is that the subwoofers are built-in and you are not due to take up some additional space for a separate subwoofer, but the 5 inch depth of the soundbar for TV itself, will need a decent space on the table top under your TV.


Lowers Yamaha YSP 1400




The most important of the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL features are the 8 beam drivers blasting sound of the center of the sound projector and the two subwoofers it sits on, which are backed up by the Digital Sound Projector technology in order to make the sound bounce off the walls of your room and create a 5.1 channel surround sound effect. The total power Yamaha offers with this top soundbar is of 76 W, which is not the most powerful that we have seen, but good enough to fill your room with crystal clear audio.



All the top soundbar released recently are also fitted with Bluetooth connection and the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL makes no exception. This allows you to stream music directly from any mobile devices that you have and you can also control the Yamaha soundbar from the Yamaha’s Free Control App. Of course, all the options that you can control through the app are also available to tweak by using the included in the package remote control.


Here is the time to mention that the remote control Yamaha has equipped the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL with offers quite a lot of functions as quick buttons. You can chose from the five virtual surround sound options: Movie, Music, Game, Sport and TV program. You are also able to change the angle of the virtual surround sound effect, depending on where are you sitting in your room. Basically, you can point the sound to bounce off the walls in the direction where you are positioned. Quite a remarkable feature that Yamaha has incorporated in this top soundbar.




In case you prefer to have only one remote that controls your soundbar for TV and the TV itself, then the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL offers you to use the learning function for Remote control, so that you can pair your TV remote control with the soundbar for TV. The soundbar for TV is fitted with an IR signal repeater at the back, so you never lose signal from your TV remote control.

The Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL is also equipped with a couple more audio enhancing technologies, like Clear Voice, that makes the dialogues clearer and UniVolume, that maintains the volume at the same level during ads or when flicking through channels.




Surely, the first thing we did was to set the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL up and test the virtual 5.1 channel surround sound effect. Setting up was easy as the manufacturer claims, but it took us some time to position the soundbar for TV just in the right way so it can reproduce the surround sound environment in its best.


yamaha ysp 1400

Surprisingly, the single piece soundbar for TV was completely capable of delivering the deepness needed for surround sound effects and although it can not get to the levels to a multi piece surround sound system, it delivered great performance. The built-in subwoofers just added to the surround sound effects and were quite powerful for their size, but the best part was that dialogues actually popped up in a heavy sound effects scenes, although, we were very pleasantly surprised when testing the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL while watching movies and TV shows, the experience with playing music was sort of disappointing. The audio felt a bit bland and when switching to the dedicated surround sound mode, it became too ecoy.


In conclusion, we could say that the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL is a top performer when it comes to boosting the audio from your TV and creating a virtual surround sound effect when watching movies and TV shows. It is easy to set up and keeps your room clutter free. For the lovers of one piece audio equipment and having in mind the affordable price tag, the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1400BL  would be a great buy.


Great clarity and dimensions of the soundstage

Powerful bass

Packed with features


Lack of ARC connection

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