The Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 is a 5.1 channel surround sound system that will not only boost the audio coming from your TV, but will give you the opportunity to stream music all around your home, thanks to its multi-room audio support feature. Of course, this is not the only feature that puts the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 in front of the competition in its price range and we will have a detailed look at that further down in this post. The Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 proves to be a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy watching movies with an excellent audio quality and surround sound effects and already owns other receivers, speakers and so on to connect wirelessly to the soundbar for TV for ultimate multi room audio experience.





Technical Specifications

  • Sound Bar Size: 39”

  • Output power: 80 W total power: 2.5 W x 8 beam drivers + 60 W (30 W x 2) subwoofer

  • Drivers: 1-1/8” x 8 beam drivers, Dual 3-1/4” subwoofers

  • Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital®, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, LPCM

  • Sound Enhancement Technology: Digital Sound Projector, Cinema DSP Entertainment

  • Bluetooth, WiFi

  • Total Power: 80 W

  • Installation: Tabletop and wall-mountable




This is another Yamaha soundbar that has been added to the slim design line of the manufacturer. It is only 2.5 inch high and lays flat on the top, so it would easily fit under any TV. However, it comes to be suitable for 40 inch and larger TVs, as the Yamaha soundbar itself measures 39 inch.

The eight beam drivers that actually create the surround sound effect, are placed just in the center front of the soundbar for TV  and are covered with aluminium grille. The built-in dual 3-1/4” subwoofers are housed on both top sides of the Yamaha soundbar.

As typical for a Yamaha soundbar, you can find LED lights indicating the volume, power and different outputs on one side of the center speakers and on the other side the Yamaha soundbar is equipped with quick buttons for the same functionalities.


As any other soundbar for TV , the connectivity options are placed at the back of the unit. What makes the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 stand out from other soundbar for TV  with the same price tag is the fact that it is fitted with an HDMI in and outputs that support 4K standards as wells a HDCP 2.2. Of course, all the standard digital optical and analog inputs are there, alongside with a subwoofer output in case you want to wire up a separate subwoofer.

The Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 is also fitted with Bluetooth connection and a WiFi and Ethernet connectivity options in order to make the multi room option work through Apple AirPlay or the proprietary MusicCast system.


yamaha ysp 5600 soundbar the full system




As we have already mentioned the company’s MusicCast system, we need to say that the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 is the first model to have the ability to support it. The MusicCast multi room system allows you to playback audio from Pandora, Spotify and Rhapsody. You can also listen to Internet radio or to audio stored on your phone for instance. The difference between the MusicCast system and other competitor’s multi room systems is that the MusicCast can actually reproduce files with high resolution of up to 24-bit/96kHz.

You can of course control all this by downloading the app available for iOS and Android. Apart from being able to decode Dolby Digital and DTS, the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 is also capable of decoding LPCM which is expanding the range quite a lot. It also offers you to chose between five DSP programmes like Movie, Music, Sports, Game and TV program. Another feature that is inevitably present in all Yamaha soundbar is the IR signal repeater that eliminates the loss of signal between your TV remote and the TV itself.





Although it is packed with tons of features, the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 still stays a soundbar without an external subwoofer. For some this might not be a good thing, but for the lovers of clutter free rooms, it is great and the sound delivered is actually rich and balanced and you will not feel the need of an additional subwoofer, unless you want to take the roof off.

As the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 is aimed for multi room audio play it does fantastic when listening to music, but when it comes to some sound effects while watching movies it might come to be a bit harsh. However, the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 is actually able to create a surround sound environment thanks to the Air Surround Xtreme technology that makes the sound bounce of the walls. This was even easier to feel when we have switched to Game DSP program while playing our PS4 hooked up with an HDMI cable. The effect really wows.


Overall, the Yamaha soundbar YSP-1600 is a soundbar that would give you loads of connectivity options and is packed with so many features, so that you can make it your own. However, the price tag is a bit high and you can get the same audio quality from the slightly cheaper Yamaha soundbar YAS - 203 for instance, as long as you are happy to compromise with some floor space for the additional subwoofer that comes with the YAS - 203.


Great surround sound effect

Rich bass

HDMI in and out

Multi room audio streaming


High price

Additional subwoofer will just add to the price

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