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Why choose a Yamaha soundbar?

Yamaha is one of the oldest companies in music business, as it started in 1897 with the making of musical instruments. During the years, the company started gaining prestige in other areas like audio/visual and computer related products and in the late 2000 it also started winning awards for best products. With the time passing by, Yamaha electronics have proven to deliver successful products with high quality and has managed to make their name popular and respected all over the world.



After the home theatre systems have invaded our homes in order to create true surround sound environment in our living rooms, here the soundbars came to actually free us of the clutter of the multi piece surround sound systems. Of course, Yamaha has started releasing high quality top soundbars packed with a new technology the company has developed, so that the Yamaha soundbars can fill our living rooms with crystal clear surround sound. Although soundbars with subwoofers were initially intended to improve the audio coming from the TV speakers, now they are offering a lot more than that and the Yamaha soundbars are fitted with loads of features that take you way further than just improving the sound from your TV.

Yamaha soundbars not only are an upgrade to the speakers of your TV, but also are actually capable of creating a surround sound effect by bouncing the sound waves they blast off the walls of your home and in this way place you just right in the center of the soundstage. The quality of the Yamaha soundbars is guarantied by the years of experience of the company in the music business, the constant investment in technology development and innovations.The range of Yamaha soundbars is growing in order to please more and more different customers, from the ones on a budget, to the ones with the most demanding expectations.

The Yamaha soundbars reviews we have prepared are an attempt to explain the technology and features the soundbars are fitted with and to share our personal experience with them, so that you can have a better idea on what to look for when you have decided to go  for a Yamaha soundbars.


Yamaha YAS-105 120W Sound Bar  Yamaha YAS-203 200W Sound Bar Yamaha YAS-1600 100W Sound Bar
Yamaha YAS 105 topsoundbars Yamaha YAS 203 topsoundbars Yamaha YAS 201 topsoundbars

Slim design with dual orientation
Strong build quality
Great audio quality

Loads of features
Powerful bass
Smooth performance

Great surround sound effect
Rich bass
HDMI in and out
Multi room audio streaming


Inability to see display when placed on table top
Bass is not too strong

Lack of HDMI input

High price
Additional subwoofer will just add to the price

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Yamaha ATS-1050BL Sound Bar Yamaha YSP-1400BL 76W Sound Bar Yamaha YSP-2500 162W Sound Bar
Yamaha YAS 105 topsoundbars Yamaha YSP 1400BL topsoundbar Yamaha YSP 2500 topsoundbars

Great audio quality
Slim and smart

Great clarity and dimensions of the soundstage
Powerful bass
Packed with features


Lack of power in the bass
Difficult to see the LED lights

Lack of ARC connection
Not great for music playing

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