If you are looking for a clear and powerful audio performance without additional speakers, wires and so on, then the VIZIO Soundbar S5430W-C2 54-Inch 3.0 channel with integrated bass will be your best pick. This is one-piece sound system that will enhance the audio of every 55 inch or larger TV. The S5430W is not only a great soundbar for your TV, but you will also enjoy streaming music from mobile devices and will emerge you in the sound environment of your favourite game. After the price has dropped from around $300 and it is now sold for about $150, it turns out to be a great budget soundbar also. 




Technical Specifications


  • Sound Bar Size: 54”

  • Sound Bar Speakers: Left & Right Channels (each) – 1x 3.0” Full-range driver, 6.0”x3.0” Deep Bass Module

  • Sound Pressure Level: 103 dB

  • Sound Bar Frequency: 60 Hz - 20 kHz

  • Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital®, DTS 3.0 Channel

  • Sound Enhancement Technology: Bluetooth aptX®, DTS TruSurround™, DTS TruVolume™

  • Power Input: 120V 60 Hz

  • Installation: Tabletop and wall-mountable


s5430w c2



This soundbar has the same rectangular shape as all the products in the same line and its entire front side has black cloth grille covering with a little silver Vizio logo placed in the right corner. It is 54” long and would best suit 55” TVs or larger. Of course, you can pair it with smaller TVs, but it will just exceed the length of your TV and you might feel this doesn’t look so good especially when both the TV and the soundbar are wall-mounted.




The S5430W Sound bar is also fitted with few quick buttons - Power, Input, Bluetooth, and Volume Up and Down, all placed just on the speaker’s left edge. At the back of the soundbar you will find the standard connection ports, as well as an HDMI connectivity port and a jack to plug an additional subwoofer. As part of the design, we will just quickly mention the remote control that is very simple to use as it has a square shaped navigation pad and an LCD display.


vizio 3



For a one-piece sound system, the audio quality is amazing thanks to all the feature this VIZIO Soundbar comprises of. For a start, it is fitted with a 3” drivers for each channel - left, right and center and a bass module of 6 by 3 inch that works as an integrated subwoofer. The S5430W-C2 is aimed to be an awesome soundbar for your TV and that is why it supports Dolby Digital and DTS 3.0 to match different types of TVs. It is also equipped with DTS Surround audio for crystal clear surround sound effect and DTS TrueVolume to regulate the volume level automatically. The sound bar also has an integrated Bluetooth aptX technology that allows you seamless audio streaming from mobile phones and tablets.





Although this Vizio sound bar doesn’t have a separate subwoofer, the integrated one is good enough to improve your TV’s audio. This one-piece audio equipment will deliver a crisp, crystal clear audio and will sink you in a different surround sound reality. There is nothing to fault it at when playing audio from movies. However, when it comes to music, probably you will not find the effect so powerful and amazing. The sound is still clear and with the help of the integrated bass you will be able to enjoy your favourite music, but you will not be wowed. Where the S3450W really excels is in reproducing games audio. You can feel the effect of the bass and emerge yourself into the virtual reality of the game with the help of the true surround sound quality.




Overall, for being a budget soundbar, this one-piece equipment delivers great performance on a very affordable price. It proves that you do not need complicated audio equipment in order to create a true surround sound environment and enjoy your favourite films, music and games with a better audio quality.



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