If you are looking a fantastic sony soundbar then the HT-RT5 is probably the best sony soundbar money can buy at the moment. The soundbar comes with 2 wireless rear speakers and a soundbar with subwoofer that is also wireless, giving a truly fantastic surround sound experience that is second to none currently on the market.


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Analog Audio In (Inc TV CEC), Auto Calibration Mic Input, AV Mouse Input, Bluetooth Reception, Bluetooth Transmission, Ethernet, USB-A


Bluetooth®, NFC


108 x 5.6 x 12.8 cm



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 The sony soundbar offers 5.1 channels of immersive with fantastic audio to totally surround your hearing senses. Complete with a three channel soundbar, wireless subwoofer and two wireless connected rear speakers, the home cinema system will rock your world. 


5.1 channels

With five different speaker units and the subwoofer all working together, an immersive and full range frequency sound is assured and with 550W power unit behind your movies, music and games, you’ll be able to feel every note you need. 


Sound modes

Their are three seperate sound modes you can have the right atmosphere for every movie you watch.

  • Cinema Studio – simulates a 9.1ch surround sound speaker system using only the provided 5.1 channel speakers to create a cinema-style sound.
  • Live Sporting Arena effects – Sony have reconstructed the sound of a real indoor stadium to bring you closer to the live performances.
  • Football mode – experience the noise of the stadium and feel the cheer of the crowd!

Wireless freedom

A wireless, space-saving world means that you can enjoy total flexibility over were you would like to place the speaker. Simply power them up and all the speakers will connect automatically with each other,  no speaker cables nessacessy.

Digital Cinema Auto Calibration will test the acoustics of your room with the supplied mic that will automatically adjust sound for a perfect performance.


Multiroom listening

Supporting a massive range of wireless tech and online streaming services, the sony soundbar HT-RT5 can instantly connect all your favorite songs and playlists. Access to Spotify and Google Cast can stream music directly from your mobile device to the Soundbar.

Using the SongPal application on your smartphone or Tablet, you can fill your home with all your music, or with a different songs in each room of your home. The SongPal Link can group together selected Sony soundbars and speakers together so you are in total control of all your playlists. 

You can stream all your music to any Bluetooth activated' wireless device, including personal headphones for a personal listening experience. LDAC codec will support up to four times greater bit-rate than a typical Bluetooth streaming. With NFC, you can click your enabled Smart device on the N-symbol to enjoy seamless playbacks through your  HT-RT5 sony soundbar


Well connected

Featuring 3x HDMI inputs, and 1x HDMI ARC output, a USB slot and optical digital and analogue connectors, the sony soundbar system will connect to all of your devices easily. It also comes with the latest 4K pass-through technology that will enable you to enjoy 4K content without losing any image quality.

The are lots of features on this top soundbar, they include the Sony S-Master amplifier that gives you are great sounding bass. Another fantastic edition is the latest DTS-HD and Dolby trueHD ensuring crystal surround sound for your music and cinema experience. The sony soundbar looks to correct previous mistakes by adding 2 extra speakers for the ultimate surround audio.



The sony soundbar HT-RT5 looks amazing with its slick, black interface, and would look great in almost any room. The device also supports 4K ultra HD and has 3 x HDMI cable ports 1 x USB port  to connect your gaming device or Blu ray machine easily.  You can also connect your devices such as your tablet or smartphone via wireless bluetooth.






The sony soundbar is a great addition to anyone looking to expand their audio experience to their household. It has powerful surround sound, easy to set up and looks fantastic. We would recommend this top soundbar to anyone searching for one of the best soundbars with subwoofer.



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