Samsung has gone crazy with the curved TVs, soundbars for TV and even curved Blu-ray players. They are not only good looking, but full with functionalities and have the high quality built guarantied by Samsung. One of these curved top soundbar we will be looking at today. The Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 offers 8.1 channel true surround sound comparable to the audio you can get from a home theatre system, but without complicated setup and wire clutter.


Technical Specifications


  • Sound Bar Size: 48.4”

  • Sound Pressure Level: 102 dB

  • Sound Bar Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz

  • Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital®, DTS 2 CH

  • Sound Enhancement Technology: ANYNET+(HDMI-CEC), Crystal Amp Pro, Wireless Multiroom

  • Bluetooth

  • Total Power: 320 W

  • Installation: Tabletop and wall-mountable


Samsung HW J7501 curverd topsoundbarsDesign

The Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 with its 1.9 inches of height has a low profile that fits nicely under your Tv without obstructing the signal from your TV remote control. At the same time the Samsung soundbar with its 48.4 inches of width houses 8.1 channels with amplifiers as and is a great choice for 48, 55 and 65 inch Samsung TVs. Of course, you can always pair it with any other brand of curved TV or just a flat one, the soundbars for TV will still look great and you will enjoy its outstanding performance.


Unlike other models, the Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 doesn’t feature LCD screen under the grill, but volume changes for instance are indicated by a dot matrix light display. The soundbar itself is made out of brushed aluminium and is complimented of an aluminium mesh to cover the speakers that finish off the sleek design of the soundbars for TV. On top of the Samsung soundbar you will find few quick buttons with clean look - volume, power and input control.


At the back there is a bunch of connection types like HDMI in and ARC output, 3.5 mm mini jack and an optical digital input. In addition to this already standard set you will find Ethernet and a USB port where you can directly plug in a flash memory stick and listen to your favourite tracks on it. On the back you will also find two more buttons that allow you to pair your soundbar with subwooferwith other speakers via WiFi and include it into the multiroom audio system and control it from your smartphone with the multiroom app.


The subwoofer that compliments the Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 is as stylish and slim as the soundbar itself. The sides are made of sturdy plastic and the speakers are covered with cloth grille. It is way easier to find the right spot for the subwoofer in your room as you can put it upright or lay it on the floor as well. It's slimmer body looks stylish and sleek although in size this is one of the biggest subwoofers on the market right now. The remote control included in the package of the Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 is small and easy to use, although you would prefer to use your TV remote or even control the soundbar with subwoofer from your phone with the help of the multiroom app.





What makes the Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 a top soundbar is the variety of features it is packed with. As a starting point the soundbar with subwoofer is equipped with 8 speaker drivers with their own amplifier and crossover each, used to enhance the depth and clarity of the audio. Two of them are located on the side panels so that you can get the true surround sound you are looking for. The total power of 320 watts is split between the soundbars for TV and the subwoofer giving 160 watts of power to the subwoofer for a big oomph.

If you happen to have a curved Samsung smart TV or actually any TV with an integrated bluetooth, you can connect the Samsung soundbar to it wirelessly through Sound Connect. Of course the Bluetooth connection also lets  you stream music to your Samsung soundbar from any mobile device.

Every top soundbar is also featuring different audio decoding and sound enhancement technologies and the Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 makes no difference. It is fit with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio decoding and HFR (High Frequency Restoration) that actually used to restore audio details lost in compressed files. The Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 is also capable of reproducing all sorts of audio files like MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, and AIFF thanks to the AV decoding it is equipped with.

If this is not enough and you like playing around with all the options, then you can enjoy switching between different sound modes like Standard, Music, Voice, Sports, Cinema, Night and of course the Surround Sound mode.


samsung 4



With the Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 the performance comes down to playing around with the bunch of options you are offered with. When unboxed for the first time, the soundbar looked exceptionally good, but the performance wasn’t up to the expected level. So all it took after the easy set up, was to tweak a little bit the equalizer and the subwoofer’s levels and “boom”  - a top performance from a top soundbar. The crisp treble of the Samsung soundbar is supported by the rumble of the subwoofer and they blend together perfectly, so that you can get the surround sound effect you look for.


When watching movies the sound effects are reproduced with great accuracy and no distortion at high volume levels and the dialogues are crystal clear and easily audible.When listening to music we weren’t disappointed either. We have tried the HFR option with compressed files and there was some improvement in quality, although it is not something an average ear would notice. The Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 performed as expected when used for TV games. The audio was attacking and delivered that surround sound experience we were looking for.




Overall, the Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 is very good looking soundbar for Tv and if you happen to own a curved Samsung Tv, than this will be your best choice. However, the sound quality in comparison to the price tag might not be what you have been expecting. It delivers very good audio performance and brings up a surround sound environment in your room, but if you just have a flat TV maybe you would want to consider Vizio soundbar S5451w-C2. The Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 is one of the top soundbars we have come across when it comes to fine-tuning and connectivity options. They are so many that you will certainly be able to adjust the Samsung soundbar HW-J7501 preferences.

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