The Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 is one of the top soundbars on the market right now. It is part of the curved soundbars Samsung has released to fit perfectly with the curved shape of their TVs. The Samsung curved series 6, feature TVs and soundbars for TVs with 6.1 channel surround sound. The Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 is better suited with 48 inch or 55 inch TVs and they do not necessarily need to be of the same brand or curved.


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Technical Specifications


  • Sound Bar Size: 42”

  • Sound Pressure Level: 102 dB

  • Sound Bar Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz

  • Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital®, DTS 2 CH

  • Sound Enhancement Technology: ANYNET+(HDMI-CEC), Crystal Amp Pro, Wireless Multiroom

  • Bluetooth

  • Total Power: 300 W

  • Installation: Tabletop and wall-mountable





The Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 has a curved design obviously inspired by the shape of the Samsung’s curved TV series. Nowadays, people do care not only about the functionalities, but also how a soundbar with subwoofer would blend in with the TV and the home decor as a whole. If you already have a Samsung curved TV of 48 inch or larger, than the HW-J6500 would be a perfect match. The Samsung soundbar has all black stylish design and gives you the options to attach it to the stand of a matching TV model, put it freestand in front of it or even wall mount it if this is how you prefer. As we have already mentioned, this is a great soundbars for TV and it is not completely necessary to have a matching Samsung TV model.


You can connect the Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 to any TV and it will still work and look just fine. Unlike more expensive products in the Samsung’s soundbars for TV series, like the HW-J7500 and HW-J8500 that are completely made out of aluminium, the HW-J6500 has a plastic top and bottom and only the sound grille is alluminium. On top of the plastic panel you will be able to find silver quick buttons for power, input and volume. A top soundbar like the Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 can not exist without different colour alternatives, that in this case are silver - Samsung soundbar HW-J6501 and white - Samsung soundbar HW-J6502 aimed of course for matching TV’s, but actually suitable for any kind of HDTVs and different home decor styles. At the back of the soundbars for TV you will find different kind of ports like an USB port and Ethernet port that unlocks the soundbar’s multiroom function. There is also an HDMI and an optical digital inputs along with an ARC-enabled output and a 3.5 mm mini-jack. As theHW-J6500 is a model of soundbar with subwoofer we need to mention the upright kind of cube shaped subwoofer that is actually not very big and easy to fit anywhere in the room as it also connects wirelessly to the soundbar.


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The Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 is a 6.1 channel speaker with drivers with their own 22 W amplifier each and an active crossover aimed to produce different sound frequencies with a greater accuracy. A remarkable feature that differentiates the Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 from the HW-J6000 is the ability to incorporate it into the Samsung’s multiroom system through the built in WiFi and control it by the dedicated smartphone app developed by the manufacturer. The app gives you the chance to stream music from your phone through apps like Spotify, Deezer, Murfie, Napster, Qobuz, 7digital, 8tracks, Rdio and TuneIn. Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 also has a built in Bluetooth for streaming music from any mobile device.


There is also a variety of sound effects you can play around with, so that you can immerge yourself in the amazing surround sound environment fully. As a soundbar with subwoofer, the HW-J6500 gives you the opportunity to fine tune the bass and get the oomph that you are looking for.

As every modern top soundbar, the HW-J6500 features Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 2.0 technologies so it can fit to any model of TV and enhance the audio it produces. Together with the HDMI port and the bluetooth connectivity you will be able to get a great audio from any sort of device and play any format of music files from devices connected to the USB port as well.






The Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 has the ability to not only enhance the audio of your TV, but actually create a surround sound environment in your room. It delivers crisp audio and combined with the subwoofer puts you in a different reality. However, you need to consider that the soundbar with subwoofer might need a little tweaking until you find the right combination and perfect blending for the size of your room and your personal preferences.

The HW-J6500is a top soundbar delivering a top performance. We have tested it with a few movies, and we were amazed by the fact that there was almost no distortion when we turned the volume up, nearly to the maximum. The audio when playing TV games is crystal clear and makes you really transfer yourself to a different reality, same as just playing music from the smartphone. The Samsung soundbar gives you a lot of opportunities to play around with, weather it comes to the TV settings or the mobile app and actually get a different performance to fit your current mood.


Overall, the Samsung soundbar HW-J6500 is a top performer and deserves it’s price tag. It will be a perfect, wire clutter free addition to your curved Samsung TV, but even if you don’t have one and just like the stylish shape of the soundbar you will be in for a great surround sound experience.


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