If you are looking for a way to boost the sound coming from your TV, then the Samsung soundbar HW-J551 is a simple way to do it. When watching your favourite movies all you need is to hear what the characters are talking about and when there is an exciting action scene you want to feel the impact from the sound effects? If the answer is yes, then you have a solution and this is the Samsung soundbar HW-J551. The “J” series that Samsung has released in 2015 have proved to be top soundbar. The SamsungHW-J551 in particular is a soundbar with subwoofer, that we will have a closer look at.


samsung 1 Technical Specifications


  • Sound Bar Size: 37”

  • Sound Pressure Level: 102 dB

  • Sound Bar Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz

  • Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital®, DTS 2 CH

  • Sound Enhancement Technology: ANYNET+(HDMI-CEC), Crystal Amp Pro, Wireless Multiroom

  • Bluetooth

  • Total Power: 310 W

  • Installation: Tabletop and wall-mountable





Apart from the curved series released in 2015, Samsung has added up a line of soundbar for TV with just regular rectangle shape and the Samsung soundbar HW-J551 is just that. The Samsung soundbar itself is 37” that makes it suitable for every larger than that TV. Unlike the curved series, we can say that the HW-J551 is a better looking soundbar for TV, especially if your TV is not curved. It just has the normal looks you need to easily match it with your room decor. The entire soundbar is covered in metal mesh and has an LCD display hidden underneath it that shows the input mode and indicates when volume is turned up or down. This is a nice little touch and makes the Samsung soundbar look smart. There are also few sence-touch buttons placed just in the middle of the top part of the soundbar that control the power, input and volume.


At the back of the Samsung soundbar you will be able to find an ARC-enabled output and a 3.5 mm mini-jack, along with an optical digital input and HDMI in and out and a USB port that connects the Samsung soundbar to your computer. As the HW-J551 is a model of soundbar with subwoofer you need to have in mind that the subwoofer is about 7” and as it connects wirelessly to the Samsung soundbar you can place it anywhere in your room as long as it is within the line of site from the soundbar. What is really worth mentioning is that this time Samsung has dropped the cubic shaped subwoofers and this one is slimmer than usual and makes it easier to fit in anywhere in your room. The Samsung soundbar with subwoofer HW-J551 in particular comes in silver and the black option is Samsung soundbar with subwoofer HW-J550. Just a little FYI: Samsung always numbers the colour options as a different, ex: HW-J550 - black, HW-J551 - silver.


samsung 2



Some of the key features of the Samsung soundbar HW-J551 are Bluetooth and TV SoundConnect as they both give you the opportunity to send music and audio from any mobile devices or your TV directly to the soundbar for TV. You need to be aware that the TV and soundbar should be compatible in order to use the TV SoundConnect functionality and also you might experience some lack of quality in the audio when using this option, but to the average ear it will not make a difference.


Another great feature is that the Samsung soundbar HW-J551 can decode Dolby Digital and DTS, which means you can pair it with pretty much any TV and you also get a bunch of audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, OGG and FLAC when having your soundbar with subwoofer connected to your computer via USB.


If you have and Android OS to your smartphone you also have the ability to download the Samsung Audio Remote App so that you can control your Samsung soundbar from your phone. All this is boosted up with full power of rich bass sound coming from the elegant 160 W subwoofer, 2 channels of 80W each and a Surround Sound Expansion technology to completely immerse you in a true surround sound environment.





The Samsung soundbar HW-J551 proves to be a top soundbar, delivering amazing performance when watching movies, playing music or playing TV games. The audio in movies is absolutely great, the dialogues are clear and the sound effects just add to the already crisp and clear sound. The subwoofer blends perfectly with the audio coming from the soundbar and just adds a bit more of excitement in action scenes. The performance is powerful, that you actually might find yourself actually listening to the audio coming from your favourite movies at the lowest levels of volume and probably turning down the subwoofer’s levels as well. When listening to music, all you can do is enjoy it. The Samsung soundbar HW-J551 delivers great clarity and depth to either vocal or instrumental tracks we have tried it with. The audio is smooth and we haven’t experienced any lags. We have also tried the Samsung soundbar HW-J551 with a few Tv games and we can certainly say that the Samsung soundbar HW-J551 is a top soundbar. The audio and sound effects were amazing, clear and attacking - just what a gamer would want.



Overall, the Samsung soundbar HW-J551 is a must buy for everyone looking for elegant, smart soundbars with subwoofer to enhance the audio from their TV. The sound quality is as high as what you would expect from a top soundbar to be and the price is quite fair for what you get. If you happen to have a Samsung TV, then it is even better as you can connect both, the TV and soundbar for TV wirelessly.

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