If you are on the hunt for a budget soundbar, but you still want it to be of a well known brand, then the Samsung soundbar HW-J355 might be the right choice for you. The Samsung soundbar HW-J355 will give the boost needed to your integrated TV speakers and will allow you enjoy your favourite movies and shows with a crystal clear audio. You can also listen to your favourite tracks with a powerful oomph coming from the soundbar with subwoofer for the very affordable price of around $150.


at HW J355 EN 005 Right Angle 45 Degree blackTechnical Specifications


  • Sound Bar Size: 37”

  • Sound Pressure Level: 102 dB

  • Sound Bar Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz

  • Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital®, DTS 2 CH

  • Sound Enhancement Technology: Crystal Amp Pro, Audio Remote App

  • Bluetooth

  • Total Power: 120 W

  • Installation: Tabletop and wall-mountable



The Samsung soundbar HW-J355 is another flat 37 inch rectangular shaped soundbar to be placed under your TV or mounted on the wall. As usual, it comes with all the gear needed to be wall-mounted if this fits better your home decor. The built in speakers are hidden behind a cloth mesh and a small screen is visible just in the center of the soundbar for TV. Just in the top center you will also find the power, input and volume control quick buttons. The Samsung soundbar HW-J355 comes in black colour that is pretty convenient and makes a good match to almost any TV and home.




Of course, at the back of the soundbar for TV you will find all the connections that with this particular model include:  AUX input and a 3.5 mm mini-jack, as well as an optical digital input and a USB port. You are not offered with an HDMI connection, but there is still a bunch of other option to chose from in order to connect the soundbar with subwoofer to your TV.


462x347 hw f355 design


The Samsung soundbar HW-J355 makes a great match for any 40 inch and larger TVs and it can connect wirelessly to any Samsung TV produced after 2014. However, it will go well with any other brand of TV and it takes out a great audio for even way older TVs.

What is a bit limiting about Samsung soundbar HW-J355 is the fact that the subwoofer connects to the soundbar for TV with a wire. However, if your room is not very big, that wouldn’t matter that much and for being a budget soundbar you will not notice such a little detail.


The subwoofer itself follows the classic shape of a subwoofer with a cuboid shape and a hollow circle speaker at the front.

Both the Samsung soundbar HW-J355  and the subwoofer have a simple and pretty straightforward design that would easily fit your room and give you the audio you are looking for.

samsung 8


As we have already mentioned you can connect wirelessly your TV to the Samsung soundbar HW-J355, but of course if the TV and soundbar for TV are compatible. However, using the standard wire connections you can connect any TV to this soundbar with subwoofer and enjoy your favourite programmes with a crisper and clearer audio. The Dolby Digital and DTS 2 Channel technologies would boost the audio coming from any TV and although the Samsung soundbar HW-J355 has only 120 W, it is pretty powerful and manages to create quite decent surround sound effect.


2 HWJ355


The wired subwoofer just adds to the action and although it will not blow the roof off, it will deliver just the right oomph to immerse you in a true surround sound environment. Of course, if you are an owner of an Android OS smartphone, you can take advantage of controlling your Samsung soundbar HW-J355 from it by downloading the Samsung Audio Remote App. One more thing we can add to the features is the fact that the Samsung soundbar HW-J355 can support all sorts of audio formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC, and WAV and through the USB port or using Bluetooth you can connect it to your computer and get your favourite playlists to fill in your room with a crystal clear sound coming from this little budget soundbar.


The Samsung soundbar HW-J355 is not the most powerful of soundbar for TV the manufacturer has released in 2015, but it is a great performer and it actually does what any budget soundbar is meant to do - it boosts the audio from your TV and it does it with excellence. We have tested it with movies and performance wise the Samsung soundbar HW-J355 doesn’t budge to any other 2.1 channel soundbar for TV available on the market right now. The subwoofer adds to the action with attacking bass and it’s 60 W prove to be just enough for a medium sized room to shake a bit. The audio the Samsung soundbar HW-J355 produces when listening to music is clear and we have enjoyed listening to few tracks streamed from a smartphone directly.




Overall, the Samsung soundbar HW-J355 offers a great quality for its price and if you are looking to boost the sound from your TV without breaking the bank this budget soundbar is a good one to go for. Of course, consider the wired subwoofer as this limits the options on where to place it in your room, but if this is not of a great importance for you you will be happy with your new buy.  


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