LG’s latest bid for Soundbar supremacy comes with the LG LAS950M 700W 7.1 Channel Soundbar. The LG Soundbar is very well equipped to immerse your home with crystal clear, virtual surround audio, thanks to its 7.1 speakers combined with the wireless subwoofer. The LG LAS950M certainly packs a punch with up to 700W of power produced from the soundbar and subwoofer.



About the LG LAS950M


The LG Soundbar comes with Bluetooth 4.0 build into the system, ensuring you can hook it up to all your home devices such as your PC, Smartphones and Tablets, without any sound compromise. Additionally, the LG LAS950M supports Google Cast music streaming from all the compatible sources, but we will get more into that below. There is also Wi-Fi and an Ethernet connections that allow you to hook the LG Soundbar to the internet and enjoy lots of internet radio channels or other services such as Spotify and Pandora.



The LG LAS950M soundbar is equipped with 3 HDMI input connectors allowing the soundbar to connect to an array sources at the the same time, making sure you don’t have to keep swapping the cables every time you want to listen to a different audio source. Another rare addition are the wall-mounted brackets that come LG Soundbar, giving you an easy setup if you want to wall mount your device.



Google Cast-Ready


Want to stream your music to your LG Soundbar? No issue at all with Google Cast supported device. You can stream your favourite music App services such as Google Play Music, Pandora or Spotify via all your personal devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Android phones and tablets and even Mac, Windows or Chromebooks.



7.1-Channel Immersive Sound


The LG Soundbar is definitely a higher end soundbar that produces audio the needs to be hear to be understood. The closest we can describe it is like being at the IMAX cinema with crystal surround sound blasting you from each direction.  With the LG LAS950M’s 7.1 channel speakers, you are literally bringing the IMAX quality to your own living room. Your audio world will be transformed whether you are listening to your playlist or the latest movie.


Other Features of the LG LAS950M


Smart Hi-Fi
Array technology
Auto music playing
Multi-Room and Home Cinema modes
Smart Remote Control app (Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android)
Universal search
BLE seamless music play
Home Chat
Music curation
Auto volume leveler
Dynamic range control
3D video pass-through
Supports LG Sound Sync Bluetooth and Sound Sync Optical
Designed to match TV’s over 55 inches





The LG LAS950M Soundbar is a quality device make to mistake about that. If you are looking to upgrade your home audio and have a TV that is over 55 inches then the LG Soundbar could be exactly what you are looking for. The ability to connect to all your personal devices via Wi-Fi is a fantastic plus point. If you have a 4K TV and play movies, you will know that the audio doesn’t match the viewing quality, but with the LG LAS950, it will bring both the visual and surround sound audio together, immersing you and your senses.

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