The LG LAS855M is the first Curved Soundbar from LG that was released back in October 2015. The LG Soundbar originates from the range “Music Flow” from the same brand. This means that the LG Soundbar can be used with all other LG wireless you might have around the home, giving you an all in one experience. The LG LAS855M is priced around the mid-range area (if you want to checkout our high end or budget soundbars click here HIGH END SOUNDBARS - BUDGET SOUNDBARS) and is designed to link up with OLED and LED, LG tv’s, although the LG Soundbar will work with any curved TV between 50 and 70 inches wide.



The Soundbar works in the same principle as all soundbars, bouncing soundwave off the walls and ceiling giving you an immerse home audio experience. The LAS855M comes with a wireless subwoofer and built-in Wi-Fi enabling you to stream all your personal music from all your devices including your smartphones and tablets. You can also hook up to the soundbar via Bluetooth if the Wi-Fi isn’t available.



How does it look?


If there is only one thing LG can do and do well, it's how to make their products look fantastic and modern. The LG LAS855M Soundbar looks great. It is made from Aluminium giving the soundbar a great silver finish ensuring it looks great connected to any modern curved TV. On the Soundbar itself, there is small rectangle holes that display the LED lights with a great text-based display allowing you to easily select between the input channels and volume levels. This LG Soundbar is unique on that from as other curved soundbars have different icons making it hard to know which operation you are selecting, until you get use to it of course.



Another great feature of the LG Soundbar is the fact it is extremely thin. At just 43mm it is highly unlikely to block your TV’s remote control sensor, something that is a little bugbear with us and other models. If it does block the signal, then just add the little rubber stands to the bottom of the soundbar and it will be lifted above the sensor. Obviously, like almost all modern Top Soundbars, LG have added some wall mount brackets if you have your tv on the wall and would like it place the LG Soundbar underneath.  




LG LAS855M Features


The LG LAS855M is a 4.1 channel soundbar with 2 x racetrack woofers and 2 x 13mm dome tweeters that are placed at each end to broaden the area of the soundfield in your room. The amplifier on the LG Soundbar delivers 60W to each front channel speaker and 20W for each surround channel speaker. The wireless subwoofer delivers 200W delivering you a total of 360W of crystal clear audio to your room.



As we mentioned earlier, the HS8 as the LG Soundbar is also known as comes with dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz) that is delivered through a mesh network to ensure stability when you are using the LG Soundbar via the multiroom system or other Blu-ray devices.  



The multi-room function is delivered via LG’s Music Flow Player App that you can download for free and is compatible for both Android and IOS devices. Will this Application you can either send your music to other speakers around your house or use the HS8 soundbar as the main centerpiece of a 5.1 channel system using smaller LG Music Flow speakers as “in-room” surround sound channels. This is known as Home Cinema Mode).   




Should you purchase the LG HS8 Soundbar?

We really really like this piece of kit. We put the soundbar through various tests, such as, watching the latest MadMax movie through it, and we have to say the audio was fantastic. Rarely does the audio match the 4K quality of the TV, but you can literally feel every explosion. Cars powering past you literally feel as though they are behind you. The multiroom app is extremely easy to use and setup and once you have all speakers playing in each room, well all we can say is we hope you have understanding neighbours! If you are looking to bring beautiful, quality audio to your home, you cannot go wrong with the LG HS8 Soundbar.  


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