Sonos have done it again and brought out yet another wonderful “top of the range” high end soundbar. The Sonos Playbar is something that needs to be heard to be believed, and we don’t use them words lightly. The latest TV’s have an unbelievable picture quality, but the sound just doesn’t match up, simply connect this soundbar for tv and you will soon have audio that matches your 4K shows and movies. The Sono Playbar has the ability to stream any device, whether it's your mobile or Ipad, it makes no difference at all for this wonderful high end soundbar. The Sonos Playbar Soundbar requires just 2 cables, one power cable and one optical cable, the rest is completely wireless. Any TV, Video game console, Mobile, Blu-ray player or PC can be used with the Sonos Playbar.  



The smart speaker system
The Sonos speakers combine built-in sensors and fantastic smart software to make your listening experience sublime. Each and every speaker is simple to setup, no technical skills required. There are regular software updates with new features and updates to ensure your speakers just keep better and better.



One App required

Sonos only requires one single downloadable app that collects all your favorite music and streaming services together into one place. Simply use your tablet or smartphone to quickly select the songs you love on your streaming service or in your own digital playlist, then choose the rooms where you want to listen to them then simply control all the playback settings on a room to room basis.






All your music, in any room

All your music, in any room you require.
Play a different song in the bedroom, dining room, or even the bathroom, maybe play the same track in every room. Access your personal music library. Stream Apple Music, Android Music, or any other music service and choose between 100,000 Internet radio stations from around the world. The Sonos application lets you find, play and control your music, your way.



Your perfect home theater system

The Sonos Playbar has a SUB force-cancelling vibration design, no sound  is lost in the cabinet “buzz or rattle”. Feel the blast of every action sequence and the twang of every power string instrument. Complete your home theater with a Play 1 or Play 3 set rear speakers.They'll deliver deep, richly textured sound waves, your blockbuster movies and beautiful music will thank you. Simply a perfect soundbar for tv or taking your music to the next level.






Overall, the Sonos playbar soundbar is yet another marvel from Sonos. They keep on bringing out the latest audio technology and each time is seems like they keep getting better and better. This wireless soundbar not only hooks up to your tv wirelessly, but every device you can think of, even the radio! Simply download the Sonos app and you have a worldwide music playlist in your hands! On Amazon, there has been nearly 1000 purchases and the product has 4.5 stars, obviously Sonos are doing something right! We cannot say enough good things about this high end soundbar. If you are serious about your audio then it's a must buy in our opinion.

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