If are thinking about a soundbar to improve what you hear when you watch TV without the complexity of a conventional surround sound system then think about the Paradigm Soundscape Full Powered high end soundbar, exclusively by paradigm.

This master piece is easy to install, requires minimal set-up and yields impressive results.



The Paradigm Soundscape Full Powered high Soundbar is a high end soundbar and is a great  option soundbar for TV  ideal for flat panels say 50 inches and above, with an exclusively;

  • Full ranged apt-X Bluetooth (Black) Soundscape: Landscaping with sound

  • High-performance drivers that deliver an engaging surround-sound experience.

  • Up to 350 Watts Peak Power.

  • Digital optical & analogue stereo inputs for direct hook-up of Blu-ray, DVD/CD player, gamingconsole, satellite receiver or otherexternal source.

  • DSP-based amplifier design.

  • Lengthy FIBER OPTIC AUDIO CABLE (up to 8 ft.) for your convenience.

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You may ponder on the type and size of the room where you're planning to install the Paradigm Soundscape Full Powered high end soundbar and imagine that like every other soundbar it will influence what type and size you need for effective usage.  But hey! Come off it. The Paradigm Soundscape Full Powered Soundbaris a high end soundbar that simply is one of the best soundbars money can buy!

  • Weighing approximately 20 pounds

  • With a unique dimension 5x42x5.5 inches

  • Unique design

  • Handy remote control

Whether the room is small to medium-sized and square or rectangular, the Paradigm Soundscape Full Powered Sound bar can create you a dynamic surround sound experience by choosing either a high end soundbar or a soundbar for TV.


Although the Paradigm Soundscape Full Powered high end soundbar is only a single speaker it convincingly performs the way a true surround sound system would, it can be the perfect solution for a smaller viewing area or for any situation where a more complex system just won't work. The remote houses a multitude of familiar controls like input selection, volume and subwoofer level, and DSP effects like movie, gaming  and music, each of which offer a handful of sub-settings. The paradigm sound bar has;

  • Convincing virtual surround sound

  • Firm and powerful bass response

  • Sleek and slim design

  • Loaded with features

  • Highly versatile settings

At $1,000+, the Paradigm Soundscape Full Powered high end soundbar is definitely an investment, and  it backs its audacious cost with  apt-X Bluetooth (Black) + Monster Silver Advanced Performance Fibre Optic Audio Cable - 8 ft., along with just about every other available sound bar feature in the market.

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