The High end soundbar of the MARTINLOGAN MOTION VISION X HIGH-PERFORMANCE WOOFERS is a little thicker than other models in the market, Both the woofer and  the wireless ready subwoofer have a  gloss black exteriors. The subwoofer has a slightly more 'expensive' look with a matte, vinyl surface. All of the system's ports, inputs and connectors are located behind the subwoofer.

Apart from the MARTINLOGAN MOTION VISION X HIGH-PERFORMANCE WOOFERS packaging itself, which provides the subwoofer speaker strength and ruggedness, the High end soundbar amplification is of top quality. The in-built sound dome ensures that the amplified sound emanating from the microphone comes out of the speaker unit with some more decibels attached. But, what makes these High end soundbar unique is that they can be placed almost anywhere in the home. You don't necessarily need to look for open spaces in your living room to place MARTINLOGAN MOTION VISION X HIGH-PERFORMANCE WOOFERS.

MartinLogan Motion Vision X Soundbar2

Attractively, these wireless subwoofers are so different from other soundbar systems that it is hard to ignore them. Essentially, they do the same thing as other speaker systems do, but the difference here is that they also ensure protection and good sound amplification from the TV soundbar. They may not have a visually-appealing design, but they certainly work what they are designed for. The 10 inch device comes with;

8FT FIBER OPTIC AUDIO CABLE Bundle, and as a full unit with

MARTIN LOGAN - VISIONX: Dolby Digital and DTS decoding

Wireless audio streaming via DTS Play-Fi


Monster Cable - MC400DFO28


By using this subwoofer complement, you would be able to enjoy some excellent sounds of every entertainment that you have with the equipment set up for. The subwoofer  delivers some excellent sound. You would enjoy the ultra-realistic sounds by using this kind of speaker. Definitely, MARTINLOGAN MOTION VISION X HIGH-PERFORMANCE WOOFERS and subwoofers is one of the most excellent supporting device of any entertainment system.

If you want to have some excellent ambient sound environment, you must add the MARTINLOGAN MOTION VISION X HIGH-PERFORMANCE High end soundbar to your home.

Although this High end soundbar is a little pricey, it is one of the best subwoofers on the market.

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