Never to be outdone by their video offerings, KEF V720W DIGITAL TV SOUNDBAR SYSTEM takes sound seriously as well. If your audio quality isn’t on par with your picture quality, the entire experience suffers. While KEF V720W DIGITAL TV SOUNDBAR SYSTEM incorporates a number of sound technologies into your TV's, if you have ever experienced an external audio system then you know of the advantages adding one to your high-definition display can bring. While we applaud the slim form factors of our flat-panel TVs, sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve those slim cabinet designs. They are:





The elegant V720W  soundbar is styled to blend unobtrusively with your screen, having a dimensionjust 2.1inches  in depth  and 47.2 inches wide, The V720W is a digital soundbar for TV system that includes the V700 and a wireless V-20W subwoofer; a powerful wireless subwoofer designed to work in harmony with the

  • V700; 200W on-board amp,

  • Long-throw 8 in. driver and matching auxiliary bass reflector.

With an integral Class D digital amplifier, you don't need another amp or AV receiver to enjoy true hi-fi sound.

  • Set-up is easy, and

  • Everything can be controlled by your existing TV remote.


With simple HDMI (SPDIF Optical Digital) connection, the High end soundbar KEF V720W DIGITAL TV SOUNDBAR has no messy cabling, and a unique industry-leading acoustic technology and it's the easiest way to upgrade your TV/movie watching experience.

KEF V720W DIGITAL soundbar for TV continues to raise the bar in home electronics. The High end soundbar is designed for theatre enthusiasts, and offers you a complete audio solution giving you;

  • An array of four ultra-low profile high performance drivers - two on each side of the award-winning KEF tweeter design

  • Wireless subwoofers that are a perfect complement to every flat panel television on the market.

  • High Performance HD sound at a reasonable price is what makes these systems so spectacular.

  • Provides rich bass and clear dialog

  • Maintained sound levels so there are no more ups and downs.

  • Subwoofer Frequency Response: 35Hz up to 80Hz

This product is something you should not be without for your awesome sound experience. KEF V720W DIGITAL TV SOUNDBAR most definitely offers you that.

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