In 2014 Vizio has released their upgraded S5451w-C2 model that features Vizio soundbar, subwoofer and rear satellite speakers. Nothing new so far, but what makes the S5451w-C2 a top soundbar is the 54 inch size and the integrated deep bass along with a full set of other features we will have a detailed look at. The S5451w-C2 will create an amazing surround sound environment and will leave your room free of wire clutter at a very affordable price.


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Technical Specifications

  • Sound Bar Size: 54”

  • Sound Bar Speakers: Left & Right Channels – 2 x 3.0” Full-range drivers, 3.0” x 6.0” Deep Bass Module Center Channel – 3.0” Full range driver

  • Surround Speakers: Left & Right Surround Channels (each) – 2x 3.0” Full-range driver

  • Subwoofer Speakers Response: 8.0” Subwoofer

  • Sound Pressure Level: 104 dB

  • Sound Bar Frequency: 35 Hz - 20 kHz

  • Subwoofer Frequency: 35 Hz - 90 Hz

  • Audio Decoding Technology: Dolby Digital®, DTS Digital Surround

  • Sound Enhancement Technology: DTS TruVolume™, VIZIO Surround Matrix

  • Wireless Range (Subwoofer): 60’ Line of sight

  • Power Input: 120V 60 Hz

  • Installation: Tabletop and wall-mountable

S5451w C2 topsoundbarsDesign

Although the Sound bar is 54 inches long, it has an elegant design that would fit any type of home decor. This size also shows that it would fit better larger HDTVs. Not that you can't have a large soundbar with subwoofer even if your TV is smaller than 54 inch, but it will probably look a bit odd and the biggest concern would be that the Soundbar might block the signal from your TV's remote, as it is not only long, but with its 4.14 inches comes to be a bit higher than other similar soundbars. However, you will not have that issue if you are to mount the soundbar designed for TV on the wall or if your TV is sitting on a stand that boosts its height.




You also need to know that the subwoofer that comes with the Vizio sound bar S5451w-C2 is also slightly bigger than others in the line and all together with a large soundbar might be too much for smaller flats for instance. The subwoofer is aimed to be placed at the back of the room as it connects wirelessly to the soundbar itself, but the rear satellite speakers connect with wires to the subwoofer. The setup of course, comes down to your own preferences.




As we set aside the size, it has sleek design and following other products in the line it is fitted with LED lights just under the front black grille that indicate if any changes in settings are made. The S5451W is also fitted with quick power, input, bluetooth and volume up and down buttons on one side. The remote control for the soundbar comes with a handy square buttons pad and LCD display.


surround sound pic



What makes the Vizio S5451w-C2 a top soundbar is the fact that it is equipped with two HDMI ports that allow you to plug in your gaming system or cable box directly to the Vizio sound bar and get the true 5.1 surround sound you expect. In addition to the HDMI ports, there are also all the variety of standard ports and mini jacks - optical, coaxial and analog. Once it is plugged in you can enjoy the 5.1 channel surround and it is also equipped with three 3 inch full-driver left, right and center channels, as the center channel has also a deep bass module integrated.



The technologies used in the Vizio bar are again Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround so that it can reproduce any type of audio and fit even older models of TVs. A great soundbar like the S5451w-C2 also has DTS TruVolume and Vizio surround matrix technologies that smoothe the overloud sound and turn the two channel audio to a multichannel one. It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth aptX, so that you can stream music from any mobile device.





Packed with so many features and having in mind the 54 inch size of the soundbar you can expect powerful performance and you will not be disappointed with your expectations. You will actually be amazed by the surround sound the soundbar with subwoofer creates in combination with the rear speakers. They blend ideally and that makes one of the best home sound systems on the market and it is suitable even for the biggest audio fans. It is not only the crystal clear audio you can get, but it proved to be one of the best picks when it comes to special-effect movies and TV games. The two HDMI ports were really useful when we connected our PlayStation, so we got to emerge ourselves in an amazing surround sound environment.



Overall, the Vizio S5451w-C2 is a great sound bar that delivers true 5.1 channel surround sound. The subwoofer it comes with is quite powerful, but not overpowering and blends perfectly with the soundbar itself. The rear speakers just add to the high audio quality and they all are very easy to set up. The good news is that since 2014 when it was first released, the price has dropped and there are great deals going on at the moment, so you can get the Vizio sound bar S5451w-C2 for around $300, that is a great value for the quality audio that will fill your room.

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