When you're looking for your perfect sound bar there are plenty of factors you need to bear in mind and we are going to look into each topic to ensure you choose the best sound bar that fits your needs.

Why do you need a soundbar?

When you purchase today's flat screen tv’s there is a definite mismatch between the high quality HD picture and the sound quality coming from your tv’s built in speakers. The sound is hollow and “tinny” and can sometimes spoil your viewing and listening experience.

No matter how good the latest tv models are, the speakers can never match the quality of the best soundbars. In a nutshell, by hooking up a soundbar you are matching up your tv’s HD quality screening with crystal clear surround sound to your living room, whether you are watching the latest blockbuster or listening to your music playlist. Not only does a soundbar bring your home quality sound, but most are wireless and can be placed on the wall to ensure there’s no nasty wire clutter.

How does a soundbar work?

Most soundbars have seven built in speakers inside the actual bar. Each speaker is arranged in the bar such a way that each speaker works independently on itself, blasting sound waves in different directions, these sound waves bounce off the walls and ceiling - this is known as the “Psycho-acoustic effect” , it miniplates your brain into thinking the sound waves are all around you.  

These sound waves are called “channels” and basically these are channels of sound, so if you purchase a 7.1 soundbar you have 7 different sound waves stimulating your senses a bit like an optical illusion but for your ears.

What does a sound bar add to your experience?   

Apart from the already mentioned “surround sound” good quality sound bars increase your audio experience on many other levels. Ever watched a movie and the dialog between two people is really hard to decipher - it doesn’t matter how high you have the volume, the words are really difficult to understand? This is where the sound bars come in, they naturally create more fullness to the sound, that in turn gives you a much better sound clarity ensuring you don’t have the annoying dialog issue again. Most soundbars have additional feature settings that you can set for your own dialog tastes.

The best soundbars also have something that is called “Volume leveling technology” and what this means is when you are watching tv and the ads come on, most of the time the volume increases or decreases and you have to reach for the remote control to adjust the volume and then again after the ads have finished. The soundbars technology rectifies this giving you equal sound quality at all times.

What else can a soundbar be used for?

Soundbars are not only great for hooking your tv, but you can also connect all your devices such as your tablets and mobiles wirelessly via the latest Bluetooth technology and some high end soundbars have built in Wi-Fi.

You can connect to your sound bar with a simple click of a button ensuring all your favourite tracks are only seconds away in the highest quality. Most sound bars now come with USB slots, so you can upload your favorite playlists and some quality sound bars even support high resolution music video’s so you can put your music CD in your Blu-Ray player and the soundbar will play the music through it.

Where can you place your soundbar?

Another great thing about having a soundbar is the fact you can place them just about anywhere in the room and it doesn’t look messy are most don’t have wiring and can be placed either under the tv, on the wall or on a table top.

Table top placement:

When placing your soundbar on a tabletop, it is a good idea to measure the length of the table and purchase your sound bar that fits the length as it's really important that your soundbar doesn’t stick out off the table as you will lose some sound quality.

Another important factor is to measure the distance between the height of the soundbar and the bottom panel of the tv, as most tv’s have the remote control signal based there and if you soundbar is above it, it will block your tv control signal.

Wall mounting the soundbar:

Wall mounting your soundbar is probably the most stylish and “clutter free” way to add your soundbar to your room. With these being said, it is also the most difficult to set up as you have a few connection wires the need to be hidden.

If you are not familiar with how to “hide” the wires, then maybe it would be a good idea to have a handyman place the soundbar to the wall for you as it can be troublesome.

Place your soundbar under the tv:

There are many tv brands that support a soundbar to be the “stand” for the tv. It is designed to blend in with your tv and look as though it is you tv’s base or stand. When choosing this option, be sure to you buy a soundbar that is wider than your tv’s stand, people normally choose this option when the soundbar doesn’t have a separate subwoofer, giving you better quality at head height.

Types of soundbars

There are many types of soundbars and choosing the correct one for your needs can be challenging. The main factors are:

Choosing where you would like your soundbar to be, if it's under the tv, then make sure that the soundbar is the correct length. If you are looking to mount it on the wall, then ensure you have a place to “hide” the connection wires as stated earlier.

Soundbars for curved tv’s . These days, if you have an Ultra 4k tv, the chances are your tv is curved. If you have a curved tv, having a rectangle soundbar will look out of place so the way to go is to look into the newer sound bars that have been made for this very reason.

Below are a few curved soundbars to give you a better idea when choosing this option:

The curved soundbars are designed to fit the high end ultra 4k tv’s, this normally means that the prices are higher than the normal rectangle designs. That being said, as the curved soundbars are new, they have all the latest technology and gadgets.

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